Here are some questions frequently asked by my clients:

Where are you located?
My business is based in the San Francisco Bay Area. For local residents, I will meet with you face to face to discuss your project. However, I have many clients who live in other parts of the world with whom I have successfully communicated and finished projects via email & phone.
What are your rates?
Please check the pricing page for general rates. For a specific quote on your project, please contact me.
Are your rates negotiable?
My hourly rates are not negotiable. However, I do offer discounts for non-profit organizations and for larger projects.
Will I know upfront what the charges will be?
I guarantee that before I start your project, I will quote you a final amount that will vary no more than +/- one hour. That way, there are no unpleasant surprises at the end of the project and we both know what to expect!
Do your rates include web hosting?
No they do not. I use ipowerweb.com or bluehost.com as a host for most of my clients. However, I am open to working with any hosting company that the client chooses.
What is your turnaround time?
To answer this question, I will need to speak with you in more detail about your project. However, a small 4 page website will take no more than a few days to give you a ballpark figure.
Where do you host the websites?
I use ipowerweb.com or bluehost.com as a host for most of my clients. However, if you have an existing host that you are happy with, that is ok with me!
Who do you use for printing postcards/business cards etc?
I use either overnightprints.com or vistaprint.com. Both companies are very reliable and have high quality prints at decent rates. I can also work with your local printer, if you have one.
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